Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Music Reviews: Red Novella - "Failure By Design"

It's been a long couple years for Red Novella. The band has been working hard on their recently released debut full length, "Failure By Design", and playing shows to let people know they're still around after some internal issues saw a small line-up change occur. It was definitely worth the wait for the new album! The band is better than ever, and ready to unleash their fury on the world! But the question remains...are YOU ready for Red Novella?
"Failure By Design" kicks things off in high gear with "Won't Back Down". Intact are the twin guitar assault of Emo Manuel and Jay Lovell who flesh out each track with precision and accuracy. "Won't Back Down" is definitely a calling card for anyone that doubted the band's return as the leading force in the Chicago metal scene. This is a
great song to kick things off.
"Pieces" is another stand out track letting everyone know this is a new beginning and a fresh start. I can't help but feel that this whole album is coming from a healthy place...mentally, physically and emotionally. When singer Mike Perez sings the line "pick up the pieces and move on. No one wants to hear all your excuses." I wonder, is this a kiss off to a former friend? Maybe a lover? Maybe a former bandmate? The band leaves it open for interpretation. So we can make it what we want it to be. But it's a powerful track through and through.

With 2 maniac shredders in Manuel and Lovell, and a singer with the versatility and range of Perez, it would be easy to be lacking in the bass and drums. But that's simply not the case with Red Novella. This band has one of the tightest backbeats around in the form of drummer Jeremy Feinberg and bass player Jeremy Hooley. True meat and potatoes players who bring their A Game to this album, especially on the track "Ashes Fall". These 2 gentlemen are the glue that holds all the pieces in place and give just as much crunch and tenacity as the rest of the band. It's a true group effort in the highest regard.

If I could change one thing, and it's a small detail, I would ask for a more tracks. 8 songs left me feeling less than full. This has always been an issue with me when it comes to full on solid releases. It ends too soon and leaves me wanting more. Sure, I'm a greedy bastard...but I can't help it. When it's as solid and polished, both musically and lyrically as "Failure By Design", I want MORE! But, like the bands 3 song EP from a couple years ago, I think that great things are on the horizon for Red Novella...and like "Failure By Design", the wait will be, once again, well worth it.

5 / 5 stars