Thursday, May 17, 2012

Music Reviews: The Creeping Ivies - "Ghost Train EP"

As much as I love punk rock and old school metal, I have a lot of love in my heart for good old fashioned garage rock. And one of my favorite new garage rock bands is The Creeping Ivies. The band's last release "Rock N Roll Party EP" was one hell of a party! And the party has been extended with their new 3 song EP "Ghost Train", out June 1st.

This amazing duo from Scotland play rock n soul music that'll have you shaking your booty like there's no tomorrow. Singer/guitarist Becca Bomb and drummer Duncan Destruction are at their all time best on "Don't Cry". It's just got such a funky 60's feel to it that it's hard not to imagine this tune blaring out of a sweaty night club in Detroit some 40 years ago. The title track is another feast for the ears. Becca sings lyrics about traveling on a supernatural train to hell. AWESOME! I absolutely love this band! "Chicken Voodoo Blues" is another sonic blast of energy with Becca making the promise that she will "fight for rock n roll!" Keep fighting the good fight girl! We have your back!

If garage rock is your thing and wanna hear some great new music by a great new band I highly suggest you hit The Creeping Ivies up. You can stream the new EP at the groups Bandcamp page now. It's a must have if you still like it raw and in your face. I would love to get the band over to the states at some point for some shows. So show some love for this power duo and lets make that a reality. 

4 ½ / 5 stars

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