Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Music News: Critical Mass Owner Takes Over Infested Records

As of January 1, 2013, I (Christopher Carlton) will be taking over Infested Records as owner and operations manager. This decision came in early December when acting owner/manager Jason Friend decided it was time to step down and purse other interests outside of the label. I want to take this opportunity to wish Jason all the best in his new endeavors. He is, and will always be, a huge part of the Infested Records family.

Infested Records was founded on the belief that in giving back to the up and coming artist, by offering them a label to call home, we can keep DIY independent music alive in the punk rock community. Our roster includes such talents as The Enders, Dead Rejects, The Dead Pollys and The Filthy Radicals as well as recently signed artists Mike Defendant and Randy Ray Patterson.

We are knee deep in brand new projects including the Minor Threat tribute album, "Out Of Step", out on Feb 26, 2013. As well as a tribute one of Chicago's finest, The Methadones, which will be released in early/mid spring 2013.

Now onto new and upcoming releases. Infested Records is proud to announce the release of "The Devil's Red Tie Split" by Mike Defendant and Randy Ray Patterson. This 8 song split CD will feature 4 songs by Mike and 4 by Randy. In an attempt to branch out musically from the mostly hardcore music on Infested Records, this CD features 2 different styles of music in the forms of acoustic/folk/punk (Mike) and hip hop (Randy). It's a bold step to take, but we at Infested believe in change. And we also believe in what these 2 young men are doing to change the face of music. The album comes out Dec 21. So be sure to grab a copy.

The Enders have been a major contributor in the punk scene for a few years now. The bands latest album "The Ruins Of Ambition" is looking for a re-release, since the initial pressing of the album sold out in a matter of DAYS upon release earlier in the year. Infested Records is happy to announce a pre-sale for the album in order to pay for the pressing of this release. If we can reach 60 pre-sales, we can get this amazing album BACK on the streets and into the hands of the fans. Please go to facebook.com/infestedrecords for more info on how you can make this dream a reality.

The Dead Pollys new EP "Waiting For Tomorrow" will be released on Jan 18, 2013. The Pollys, who hail from Sweden, have an infectious mix on folk rock, punk and country that gives them a sound and style all their own. We're excited to see the release of this album and wish The Dead Pollys all the success in 2013.

In the coming months we'll have more exciting news on releases and bands who will be signing on with Infested Records. So please keep checking back on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/infestedrecords) and our official website (www.infestedrecords.com). If you have a band that is looking to release an album, and is looking for a label with hands on attention to each of our artists, you can contact me at infestedrecords.christopher@aol.com. Thanks for all the support during this transition. And here's to a GREAT new year!



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