Thursday, December 29, 2011

Music Reviews: The Larroguettes - "Live At The Silverfish Hotel"

When Iggy Pop wrote the song "Raw Power" close to 40 years ago, it's almost like he time traveled into the future and heard The Larroquettes! Like Iggy &The Stooges, The Larroguettes like it raw, rough, riff heavy with tons of energy. On the bands newest release, Live At The Silverfish Hotel, the band lay into it with intensity and passion over the course of 5 songs recorded live in one take. Who else does that?

The band, Paul Down (guitar/vocals), Mariah (bass), Brandon Harrod (drums) and Jeff Skoblar (keys) plug in and take flight on album opener "Someone Is Fucking With Our Space!" and never touch ground until the last chord and drum is hit. With a mixture of garage rock and heavy blues played through fuzzed out guitar riffs and a meat and potatoes back beat, it's easy to get lost in the excitement and forget about life for a moment. But if you really listen to this band you can hear the musicianship is top notch. These guys can really PLAY! And they lay the music on thick!

"Old Style Is The New Style" is a great song about, well....use your imagination! And the mayhem never stops on "I Shit My Pants". All I can say is, if you're drinking Old Style, I seriously don't doubt you'll shit yourself. But it's all tongue in cheek fun. The Larroguettes are solid unit who play hard, and have fun. And if the music can't make you groove maybe the comedic undertones will make you, at the very least, chuckle and wanna check this band out.

The album closes with "Mariah!" an ode to the bands bassist. It's catchy and infectious just like every other track on this album. Short bursts of greatness are what The Larroquettes are all about. And I'm digging the hell out of it. It's nice to see great music make it OUT of the garage and ONTO the stage in front of "
17,500 screaming fans in British Columbia." Lets hope that in 2012 we get to see more of The Larroquettes doing what they do best, making our ears bleed with their brand of powerhouse punk garage rock. What a way to end the year!

4 ½ / 5 stars

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