Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Interview with Noko Ohno from All New Episode

Critical Mass: Thanks for taking the time  to talk with Critical Mass. For those new to All New Episode can you give us a little history on the band and how you guys got started?

Noko: No problem, it's our pleasure! The band was founded by myself and Sean who have worked together in multiple projects for years, but we're looking for a new set of members.  Fortunately Gary and John we're found relatively easily through facebook and mutual friends, the chemistry was a fit, the music sounded great...so the rest is history...well a year and a half of history! 

M: The bands debut EP "Huge Mistake" came out about a year ago, and is really good. Any plans for a new album or EP in 2012?

Noko: We are releasing a new single "Heart of Gold" soon so watch our facebook (www.facebook.com/allnewepisode) for more information on that, we are looking to shoot a video for it as well.  We are also planning to record another EP after the summer, most likely a Winter 2013 release.

: Musically I hear a lot of different influences. In your own words who are some of your musical influences? And how do you feel those influences come through in your songs?

Noko: With 4 members, we come from so many different musical backgrounds that I believe it's what creates our sound. To be brief, as a group we listen to :Punk, pop punk, ska, rock, reggae, metal, hard rock, rap, classical...I feel like the diversity of our own musical favorites really shapes our sound from "generic punk" into a more eclectic sound that fans of any genre can find an interest in.

M: When it comes to songwriting, is it a band effort? Or is there one major songwriter in the band?

Noko: The songs from the EP "Huge Mistake!" are primarily written by myself and Sean, however every member puts their own heart into each song we play. Our newest track "Heart of Gold" will be a great example of where the band is moving over 2012 and beyond.

I know the band hails for Bellmore, NY and has played around the Long Island area a lot. Are there any plans on taking the show on the road in the near future?

Noko: We do primarily play NY because we are such a new project, but we have a lot of plans to start playing the New England area and as much of the U.S. as we can. We are more than able and looking to tour, so we are definitely pushing for it. This summer, we also will be playing SixFlags in NJ! (so awesome!)

M: I can't help but think the bands sound is very reminiscent of bands the late 90's punk movement. Has any labels showed any interest in singing the band? Or at this time are your plans to stay indie?

Noko: Definitely!! I am a huge Epitaph/Hell Cat Records fan, I'm glad you pick that up from the music. I think we have put a modern twist on it though. We took that "melodic punk rock" style from the late 90's/early 2000's music but added elements they didn't use, like Tosh's metal style foot work on the drums. Also I think the vocal patterns pull the sound away from the label. We are currently looking to stay independent, but hey Epitaph you can definitely call me

M: The bands name is quite original. How did you come up with the name All New Episode?

Noko: Hahahahah! Great story actually. I was convinced that we needed to name our "new" band anything that started with an "A" because so many things are listed alphabetically and I figured that with an "A" as the start, we would always be on top...if not because of our music, it would be because of the name, lol. So between wanting an "A" and then the band being "New" we put our heads together, spit out a lot of horrible names, and then found "All New Episode! Definitely a keeper as soon as I spit it out! 

M: Is there a website you wanna plug where we can get up to date news on releases, gigs and merch?

Noko: Of course !!!


: Thanks again for talking with Critical Mass. I greatly appreciate it. All the best to you and I hope we can get you guys out to Chicago at some point for some shows. Thanks again. 

Noko: Thank you!!! We would love to come to Chicago if you know anyone that could help us out there (or if you can of course) please email us directly and allnewepisode@live.com or me personally at nokoANE@gmail.com, we appreciate your time !

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