Friday, June 1, 2012

Music Reviews: Jetty Boys / Boys Club split

About a month ago I reviewed the Jetty Boys split with Dan Vapid And The Cheats. And I said how I liked what the Jetty Boys were doing, but I wanted to hear a little less Green Day influence and more of THEM in the songs. Well, they're almost there.

The bands latest split with Boys Club has the Jetty's doing 2 tracks of super catchy pop punk. Mad riffs abound and sing along lyrics all over this release. Side A kicks into high gear with "No Good". It's straight up Ramones style punk rock. It's a short blast of fun that really makes me wanna hear more and more from this Sheyboygan, WI trio. I really like this song and hope they stay on this path of greatness. Next up is "12 Steps". It starts out really good with a catchy little riff in the vein of Screeching Weasel's "One Step Beyond", except faster. But then the first verse sounds like GD again. But not to fear, it's only the first verse. Then it morphs into it's own again. The Jetty Boys are quickly starting to grow on me. The more I hear, the more I'm really starting to like this band. I think they have a lot of potential. Keep the good tunes coming gentlemen.

Now onto side B. Up til this point I thought the Boys Club was a place for kids to hang out and stay pout of trouble. It should have stayed that way. Boys Club first song, "Half Hallowed Heart", sounds like a acoustic version of Blink 182 if they wrote sappy songs about breaking up. It a real snoozer for me. Sorry guys. I just can't handle this style of mellow punk. Next up is a cover of the Warren Zevon classic "Excitable Boy". It's not a bad cover. It has the deadpan vocal approach that made Zevon's tune about rape and mayhem such a gem back in the 70's. If all Boys Club songs are as good as this one, I'll consider HHH a fluke and be done with it. But I haven't heard enough from this band yet.

For the 4 songs on this split I would say it's a 3/4 win. Take off the snoozer and this wouldn't too bad. Jetty Boys, you're impressing me! That's not an easy feat. Boys Club, take some pointers from the Jetty's and lets see what you guys got! I'll be waiting to hear your next release.

½ / 5 stars

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