Friday, March 16, 2012

Interview With Jim Shit from The Jachammers

Critical Mass: Thanks for taking the time to talk with Critical Mass Jim. For anyone new to The Jackhammers can you give us a little history on how the band got started?

Jim Shit: We started a few years back. I love punk rock but was sick of the half-arsed bands and dead-end sub genres that pass as punk these days - so decided to take the matter in hand. Initially our guitarist was Albert Scunge; then we added Horace; then Albert joined the breeding program and had to bail, leaving us with just Horace on guitar. Me and Andy have been in it from the start.

CM: The bands latest album "Give 'Em Enough Dope" is just amazing! I had the chance to review the album for CM and I fell in love with the bands style of playing and songwriting. Is this the bands first album or is there more material out there?

"Give 'Em Enough Dope" is our debut LP which we've released on CD on our own S'Not Records. We've previously released a couple of demo CDs, but the best versions of the best songs off them are all on the LP.

CM:  Who are some of the bands musical influences?

Ramones, Damned, the Kids, Wipers, Slaughter & the Dogs, Devo, Black Flag, Consumers, Poison Idea, Didjits, Livefastdie, CPC Gangbangs, and the Spits. But to be honest we are more inspired by the banality of life and the ridiculous things people do to combat it.

CM: I know "Give 'Em Enough Dope" just recently came out, but can we expect any new releases in 2012 whether it be another full length, an EP or a singe?

Well, we've just recorded a buncha new songs - some of which we're planning to release on split 45s w/ cool bands later this year this space!

CM: Has the band ever gone out on tour? And have you been approached by any bands to go out on tour as an opener?

We've done a coupla "long weekend" mini-tours down to England, and we plan to do plenty more of those. No-one's asked us to support them on tour - I guess because no-one wants the humiliation of being blown off the stage nightly!

CM: Who are some of your favorite bands to play live with?

The Maximum Zeros (punk rock'n'roll from Newcastle, England) are always fun.

CM: Any chances of the band coming over to the U.S. for a tour at some point?

We'd love to tour the States and sample all your vices, but we'd need a US label to release our stuff first there - so there'd be a chance of people showing up and us covering our costs.

CM: Is there a website you guys wanna plug where fans can get in touch with the band, get up to date news on tour dates and get merch?

Facebook is best the place to check what we had for breakfast, etc.

CM: Thanks again for talking with Critical Mass guys. It's great to hear good old fashioned punk rock is still alive and kicking. I'm really looking forward to hearing more from The Jackhammers. Thanks again guys.

No problem - keep takin' the medication!

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