Thursday, November 15, 2012

Music Review: The Hairlips - "The Hairlips"

When it comes to music, I'm pretty open minded. If it can grab me on the first listen and not let go, it's good! Sometimes it takes a few listens to really GET IT! But often times it's on that first spin that I hear the magic that lights up my soul. And upon hearing the Hairlips self titled album, my soul lit up like Christmas! This is definitely a band who've cut their teeth on generous amounts of Screeching Weasel, Queers, Ramones, 50's doo wop groups and maybe even a few 60's girl groups! They mix all those up and what you get is an amazing 14 track full length that's more fun than cotton candy and roller coasters on a summer night!

"Fuck You Darlin' " Is such a great track that reminds me of Grease on acid! It's got the great harmonies and sing along chorus. But it's also twisted with singer/bassist
Johnny Wabich repeating the line "I'm gonna fuck all of your friends". If you can't find the humor in that, than you're way too uptight. This is just fun music played by 4 really talented guys. And if "Denise" isn't a hit, I don't know what is! With the Beach Boy style high harmonies and the whole "shooby doo" sing along, you can't help but wanna dance and twist the night away. I LOVE this song!

Wabich, along with duel guitarists Eric Stutson and Nicky Rivets and drummer Ron Capiz are bringing back a dying style of music. Pure pop punk 60's surf style. Imagine what The Queers would be putting out if they still made records like "Don't Back Down", and you'll get an idea of how amazingly pure and awesome this album is. Listen to "Heather" and you'll see exactly exactly what I'm talking about. I can't find a bad track on this album, or even a sub par track! It's all so well written and played that I can't help but fall in love with this bands sound and style. This is pure unadulterated ear candy so sticky sweet it makes sugar taste like salt.

"Buttercup" could have been a hit back in '59! But it could still just as easily be a hit today! What's old is new again, and the Hairlips show that. Whoever said doo wop isn't cool hasn't heard this bands modern day spin on it. The riffs are just as infectious as the harmonies and the sings along choruses. These 4 guys got this style down to a science. I can only hope the live shows are equally as fun and inspiring as these songs are. All in all Hairlips have a sound and style all too familiar, but very much their own as well. Pure listening satisfaction is on the docket for today! Grab a copy of this album now! Your ears will thank you later!

5 / 5 stars

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