Thursday, November 22, 2012

Music Reviews: The Creeping Ivies - "Stay Wild"

When it comes to music, blowing my socks off once is a chore in itself. Do it a second time, hell musta froze over. Continuing to do so, you must be doing something right. And that's what I get with each new release from The Creeping Ivies. The band is set to release their debut full length next month entitled "Stay Wild", and it's another barn burner!
The Creeping Ivies are a 2 piece outfit from Dundee, Scotland consisting of Becca Bomb on guitar and vocals and Duncan Destruction on drums. They may only have 2 members, but they bring the energy of a 5 piece with their primitive garage rock style and sound. "Stay Wild"'s 10 tracks are pure ear candy that would make Iggy Pop and The Cramps proud.

"Black Cat" kicks off with a surf style riff reminiscent of the 60's Batman television theme song. But it's more than just a tribute to good old surf rock n roll. It's also a fun song about that bad little kitty who's mysterious ways and 9 lives send shivers up the spines of the superstitious people of the world. Other key tracks are "Spinning" with it's ultra catchy riffs and super bluesy vocal approach by Becca and "Bop Like That" which sounds very 50's early rock n roll style, just makes me wanna twist and shout. I love the way the Ivies play simple, yet effective, rock music that's very much rooted in 50's and 60's style. But as any music lover will tell you, old time rock n roll NEVER goes out of style.
What makes a great record great? It's a combination of feel, believing in what you're doing and great songwriting and playing. Al these aspects come through on "Stay Wild". Becca and Duncan believe in what they're doing, and they sound they wanna send out to the masses. And that passion and tenacity comes out in everything they've done up to this point. I truly enjoy this band will continue to show my support as long as they continue blowing my socks off.  

4 ½ / 5 stars

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