Thursday, November 8, 2012

Music Reviews: The Jetbirds - "Suicide Love Songs"

Sometimes you hear an album that's not necessarily NEW, but it still stands out for being imaginative and musically superb. This is the case for The Jetbirds EP "Suicide Love Songs" which came out this past February, but kicks so much ass I feel I NEED to review it now!

The Jetbirds play straight ahead rock n roll with a dash of punk rock thrown into the mix. Big on riffs and harmonious sing along choruses, "Suicide Love Songs" is a stellar release from this Chicago quartet in the vein of The Dictators or even early Hanoi Rocks. It just stands out and catches your ear and makes you wanna dance...ok, well maybe not DANCE....but you get what I'm saying. It's THAT kinda music! The kind that gets the energy charging in your system and the blood pumping in your veins.

"New Setta' Wheels" kicks things off with a nice palm muted riff before the punching beat kicks in and the big licks riff on. It's a great tune about trying too hard only to find out trying gets you nowhere, so you gotta go out and take what you want. The riffs run hard and deep and the back beat compliments the tune greatly. Just a great way to kick off an album.

                              L-R Max Kijek (Vocals/Guitar), Tyler Capone (Drums), Jerry Murad (Lead Guitar) and Aric Sparticus (Bass)
Each song has a way of getting you more and more excited as the seconds tick on. It's such a powerful debut, one of the best I've heard in recent history. No word of a lie. "Without You" keeps the excitement going with great harmonies and more stacked riffs. This band is definitely a powerhouse riff machine. They just keep pulling em out of their hat like there's no tomorrow.

You get the sense that The Jetbirds put everything they had into these 5 songs. I just hope they saved some of that magic for their next release. I don't just like this band, I flat out LOVE what they're doing! I try to find something enjoyable about everything I review. And if I can't find that something, I pass on it. But this is just a solid effort, front to back, from this band. But don't take my word for it. Go to the bands Bandcamp page and download this EP and listen to it for yourself. If you can't find something enjoyable about The Jetbirds, than you may wanna question your own sanity.

5 / 5 stars

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