Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Music News: New Lili Champ, Pool Party Music Videos

Ahhh, the weather's getting nicer, the new music is flowing out in mass quantities, the spring/summer shows are going on sale and NEW music videos are being released! And Lili Champ and Pool Party are just 2 of the new bands who have brand spanking new music videos out right now.

First up is the Lili Champ video for their single "Entrecerros". The song is featured on the bands newest release "Vientos". The video is a performance clip and is sung in Spanish. But like I've said before, if the music is good and you can feel it in your soul, it doesn't matter if it's in pig latin! Lili Champ hail from Santiago, Chile and are fast becoming one of this writers favorite new bands. If you like pop punk and are into bands like The Loved Ones and Dear Landlord, you'll like these guys. Check em out at....

Next up is the first video from Pool Party entitled "Raised By Wolves". The singe will be featured on the bands new 7" "Teenage Weirdo" coming out very soon on Mooster Records. The video is cool and funny and really just has to be seen to get the full effect. This Miami quartet are really talented and are a blast. Hell, the name really says it all! Be on the lookout for the 7". It'll sell out fast!


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