Thursday, July 21, 2011

Interview With Jonesy From The Bloody Muffs

Critical Mass: Thanks for taking the time to talk with Critical Mass. I wanna start by saying that The Bloody Muffs is a GREAT name! How did you come up with such a brilliant name?

Jonesy: Thanks! I guess it all started when someone reacted w/nausea after seeing a picture of me w/fake blood all over my face w/the caption "Jonesy after eating a bloody muff". I said to myself
that if someone reacted like that over those words I had to name my next band that. I was surprised no one else had used it before us.

CM: Can you give us a little history on the band and how you got started?

Jonesy: I wrote Love Me Like A Drug in 2006. I started playing acoustic as The Bloody Muffs in late 2007. I released an acoustic version of Fireworks & Beer on a compilation CD in summer 2008.  It really got going when Kat and Jessica joined in 2009 and we recorded our first CD Heavy Flow. It was around then we knew we were on to something. We started writing Sloppy Seconds while we were finishing Heavy Flow and finished writing and recording Sloppy Seconds in the June of 2010. We put both CD's out 6 months to the day of each other on Dec 4,2009 and June 4, 2010.

CM: Who are some of the bands musical influences?

Jonesy: my biggest influences for our songs are (Johnny Thunders &) The Heartbreakers, Buzzcocks, X, Pixies.

CM: I know the bands got some shows coming up in Ohio and Indiana next month. Have you ever played in Chicago?

Jonesy: We haven't played Chicago yet. I guess we haven't met the right people in Chicago yet- but we are working on it.

CM: Is this the bands first tour?

We've been touring a bunch since last October. These upcoming dates are most likely our last for 2011. We started off w/a US Tour that went from NYC to the Pacific Northwest and back last fall, we did two mini tours in the winter into the midwest and just finished a two week Midwest Tour in June.

CM: Your songs are very catchy and in your face at the same time. Does the whole band take part in the songwriting process? Or is there 1 main songwriter?

We work on everything together as a band. Catchy songs are better than songs that alienate the listener for us.

CM: The band has 2 albums out so far. Is there any set date for a new album?

We have 4 new songs in our set now that are the foundation for the next album. We also have a name for it. There is no timetable for a recording session right now but I would think we'll record this winter and have it out in the spring. However, if the opportunity to tour again comes up all bets are off.

CM: So far, outside of New York, has the band been received well on the current tour?

We have been very well received in many markets. Youngstown Ohio has been great for us. Cleveland too. Swing State in Lake Villa Illinois treats us like family.  We played this place called The Funhouse in Schererville Indiana and the kids went crazy for us. In Omaha we went over huge too. Most places we've played have been great to us.

CM: Is there a website you wanna plug where we can get news on tour dates and band merch?

Our website  and a link to our upcoming Summer 2011 Tour is HERE.

CM: Thanks again for talking with Critical Mass. Best of luck on the tour and I hope to see you in Chicago soon.

right on. We will have a crazy time next month out on the road! We will get ourselves in Chicago asap, but until then The Funhouse in Schereville Indiana is only like a half hour from Chicago. If you want more info on that show or anything else hit us up at

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