Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Music Reviews: Vacation Bible School - "Ruined The Scene"

Chalk up another win for Chicago punk rock in 2011. The new Vacation Bible School album "Ruined The Scene" is 13 songs and 30 minutes of punk rock power! It's fast, catchy, snotty and just plain GREAT! If this album doesn't get a pit going, then you don't have a pulse.

Vacation Bible School bring all their best material to the table for this album. The whole album, out on Underground Communique Records, just blends together so well. There really isn't a soft or weak spot on the album. It's nice to see yet another example of how it SHOULD be done in the punk world.

They call out all the fakes on "Nobody Home ("You Know Who" Ruined The Scene) and "Douchebag". And they don't give a shit if your feelings get hurt. Punk rocks supposed to be about telling it like it is. And VBS do just that. "You + Me = Shit" is another one that just gives it to you straight. John Polydoros sings "the world has gone to shit and so have we." How's that for honesty!

There are no sloppy ballads, no social commentary about what's wrong with the government or any songs about hating on the cops. What you DO get are fun, in your face songs that remind me why I love punk rock in the first place. Songs like "Can I Take Your New World Order?" and "Mailbox Of Matches" bring the killer hooks and harmony vocals, reminiscent of The Copyrights. But VBS are their own band. And they have something to say. The question is, are YOU listening?

Give VBS a shot. I can almost guarantee they will have you coming back for seconds and thirds. 

You can stream the entire album now at Underground Communique website.

4 / 5 stars

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