Friday, July 15, 2011

Music Reviews: The Larroguettes - Quartet Loser

If you like your music loud, fuzzed out, and stripped down to the bare basics, you'll LOVE the new Larroquettes release "Quartet Loser". This band is keeping garage rock alive in 2011.

The band, singer/guitarist Paul Downs, bassist Mariah Hasegawa and drummer Brandon Harrod, play it raw. But they have the chops to really pull it off well though. Something you can't say about a lot of bands who try cashing in on the "less-is-more" style of music. This is a band on a mission to bring back gritty guitar rock to the masses. It's not some fad with them. It's a way of life. This is as real as it gets. And you can really feel it in the music.

Songs like "Hate Mail" and "Gutter Shakes" bring out the best in the bands style of playing. They sound like they could have come out of 1960's Detroit. The songs are catchy enough to have you get down and dance, but dirty and rough enough to make you wanna break stuff. Who else does that?

"So-Fuc-Tup" has a serious riff that'll stay in your head for days. "Dr. Teacher" kicks off with a great beat and bass riff that makes way for an acid scratch guitar riff. It's simple, yet effective and infectious. Sure, it's 4 chord music. But like any great band, they can move your soul, as well as your ass, with only a 4 chords and a great backbeat.

Paul Downs very well could be the next guitar hero to come out of Chicago. He can get more feeling out of a 7 second solo than Jimmy Page could in all 20 minutes of Dazed And Confused live. You don't have to noodle endlessly to get your point across. There IS beauty in minimalism. And The Larroquettes prove that with this EP.

"Quartet Loser", out on Suicide By Suite Global, is a must have for people who still love it real and raw. You can download the album HERE. So, check it out, go see them live...and for fucks sake, BUY the CD at the show! We need bands like The Larroquettes around. Show your support for The Larroquettes. Not just a great name, but a great band too.

4 ½ / 5 stars


  1. I just saw these dudes by accident at Dark Room -- that was Wednesday and I'm still singing guttershakes and walking a bit faster than I used to. They went fucking wild, and partied interactive-style all along with the other bands (The Demerits: if Billy Childish got a hold of X when they were teens!!! and my destination for the evening, the Ramonescore trio The Kobanes), too. Great musicians, Great showmen, Great people!

  2. The infection is spreading! Thanks for your comment, Jeffy Jeff! Please spread the word about The Larroquettes....and Critical Mass! ;-)


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