Friday, October 14, 2011

Music News: Dan Vapid & The Cheats Start Recording Debut

It's official! Dan Vapid & The Cheats have started recording their debut long player. The band, singer guitarist Dan Vapid, guitarist Mike Byrne, bassist Simon Lamb and drummer Mike Soucy, are recording up in Milwaukee with producer Justin Perkins. I spoke with Mr. Vapid last night and he told me Soucy's drum tracks were in the can as of yesterday. When asked what the new album will sound like Dan said "I think we sound like a cross between Methadones/Riverdales and the Mopes with some power pop influences thrown in." A release date is still to be determined.

In other Dan Vapid & The Cheats news, the band has also begun work on a split with Sheboygan, Wisconsin's
own Jetty Boys . The 4 song split will feature an original song from each band as well as 1 cover song each. The Cheats will be covering the Pointed Sticks song "Part Of The Noise", with Jetty Boys doing the Roman Line song "Jimmy".

The Cheats recorded their songs with producer Matt Allison at Atlas Studios in Chicago, with the Jetty Boys recording their half at Howl Street Recordings in Milwaukee. Justin Perkins will also help out with the mastering process and the 7" should be available early in 2012. So, be on the lookout for some more great punk rock from The Cheats and Jetty Boys in the new year.

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