Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Music Reviews: P.T.'s Revenge - "Save The Drama"

Sometimes bands fly so far below the radar that they never get noticed until it's too late, and they're long gone. And it's a shame, really, because there are some damn good bands who just don't get the attention they deserve. That's the case with P.T.'s Revenge. The band started out in Livonia, MI in the late 90's and released 2 albums....then broke up. Certain members went on to play in such legendary bands as Common Rider and Teen Idols.

But now their back! And to commemorate the event, the band is releasing their 3rd album "Save The Drama" after sitting in the vaults for 10 years. To be fair, the band broke up right after recording the album and the bands label, Whoa! Records, didn't see the point in trying to promote a band that no longer existed. Can't say I blame them.

But in all fairness to the band the album still sounds fresh and exciting. Songs like "Independence" and  "Chasing Lisa" are riff heavy rockers with a killer beat and sing along choruses. These songs could have been recorded this year and sound just as new and exciting.

Other amazing tracks include "Deserted" with it's catchy hooks mad riffs, this is a stand out track complete with layered vocals by singer
Kevin Sierzega, along with members Matt Demeester (guitar), PRD (guitar), Jeff Sierzega (bass) and John Kay (drums). And "Another Time In Seattle" could have been included on the Bullets To Broadway EP "Drink Positive", which, oddly enough, featured Sierzega on vocals.

Honestly, the time is right for this to come out. Punk rock is at an all time high in popularity, and maybe these guy's will catch the break they so rightfully deserved back when they were the new band on the block. You can't deny great writing and playing. And "Save The Drama" has all that and more! Be on the lookout for NEW P.T.'s Revenge material in the near future.

Track listing:
1. Independence
2. 7:34
3. Ace
4. Last Chance World
5. Chasing Lisa
6. Your Way
7. Deserted
8. Mini-Do
9. Shallow
10. BMX Plus
11. Fallin'
12. Another Time In Seattle
13. What
14. What She Said

4 ½ / 5 stars

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