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"My Personal Top 10" - Johnny Perrin from The Love Shots

Editors note: Today at Critical Mass we have a young man who, not only plays in a great band called The Love Shots (who are playing a Halloween show tomorrow night as the Ramones) , but also has amazing taste in music. One of the joys of running this blog besides getting to hear some great bands who I may not have had the chance to otherwise is meeting some great people and picking their brains when it comes to THEIR Top Ten's! Today is no exception. When I hear "I weep for the future" I think of this guy and know it's gonna be alright! Now if only more young people where this open minded. Without further ado, a young man wise beyond his years. Mr. Johnny Perrin.

Being really into music, I knew that at least half of my list would be comprised of me blabbing about records I love, so I figured I'd get it out of the way with 5 of my favorite albums - IN particular order - which is pretty damn hard to do. I feel like one of those d-bags on Chopped, or Iron Chef, scrutinizing everything.

5 Records:

5. They Might Be Giants - They Might Be Giants

I absolutely love this band and would have to say that they've never really come out with anything I didn't like (including the Dunkin' Donuts commercials). Starting with the awesomely poppy train-wreck anthem 'Everything Right Is Wrong Again', and on to some of my all-time favorite writing (From 'Don't Let's Start' - "No one in the world every gets what they want and that is beautiful"). This band rarely leaves my turntable for too long. This debut of theirs, in particular.

4. Jawbreaker - Dear You

I was born in '92, so Blake and co. were on their way out right around the time I turned the ripe old age of 4, but this record is still just as poignant as it was when released in 1995. I remember being in 6th grade with my brother Jeremy still living at home. Him and I took a lot of music-related cues from the eldest brother in the family, Chris, who'd spent some time playing in some pretty cool bands, and went on to play with other cool bands you should check out like The Heavens and Colossal. I would hear him mention band names every-so-often that would leave me at the height of curiosity. Band names like Slapstick, The Rentals, Smoking Popes, and Jawbreaker - he even had a Face To Face tattoo. If he liked it, it had to be cool, right? One day while rifling through Jeremy's room, I found a self-burnt disc with "Dear You" scribbled on it. I popped it in the cd player, and after about 30 seconds, turned it off, and threw the disc back in his room. Couldn't get past Blake's voice. It wasn't until 2 years later after seeing Sanawon cover a song called "Accident Prone" that changed my mind for good.

3. Smoking Popes - Destination Failure


This is the record I listened to nearly everyday from age 12 to 18 - and also the band I've had the privilege to open for a few times and get to know. I still believe it's the perfect Pop-Punk record, and even now, I still love every single track. The production completely kick-ass (RIP Jerry Finn and Phil Bonnet), and Josh's songwriting was at full peak. There's no record that hold's more value to me than this. Perfectly themed and put together.

2. Material Issue - Freak City Soundtrack

One of my Dad's favorite bands. Having said that, my Dad's tastes are practically my own. The strange thing about growing up with parents cool enough to take their kids to local shows and buy them drumkits at early ages, is they played tons of local music - nearly just as much or more than big-league bands like the Beatles or the Who. To me, being that young, "Renee Remains The Same", "Going Through Your Purse", and "She Loves You" all very well could've been the same band. Since I was underage, I never saw Material Issue, but my Dad would be taking off what seemed like every week to see them. Then, around 1996, he stopped going. That was the first time I'd ever heard of someone taking their own life. This is still my favorite Powerpop record, and it really doesn't get much better than this. The drums sound enormous thanks to Mike Chapman (C'mon. The dude did Ballroom Blitz) and Ellison's writing is fantastic. Jim may be gone, but he left behind some amazing music. I'm an eternal fan.

1. The Replacements - Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash (PS - If anyone has a copy of this on vinyl, I'll totally hook you up with free Love Shots swag... or money!)

Parents always know best, I suppose. At 13, I pretty much refused to listen to anything that wasn't Ramones-related, or anything suggested to me by people over 30. My Dad gave me a CD to borrow called "Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash." I totally ignored his suggestion for nearly a year until he threatened to take it back. Needless to say, it blew my mind. This record's ferocious.

5 Non-Records:

5. Cooking - The only thing I'd ever entertain the thought of going back to school for. Rib-eyes, anyone?

4. Hank Williams Sr. - 'Nuff said.


3. Really nice people - I don't know how I end up in really cool situations, but I'm eternally grateful. Great friends, band-mates, acquaintances. I haven't even hit 20 and I've experienced some really cool stuff.

2. Working at Rediscover Records

I'm lucky enough to have a real cool boss that lets me hang around the shop filing records and talking to people about music. Stop by anytime!

1. Spending time with family or close friends - As cheesy as it may be, they're the ones that put up with my constant whining. Especially my girlfriend. God bless any woman who can stand around in record shops for a few hours a week without biting anyone's head off.

P.S. Thanks to Chris for being such a cool dude and running this kick-ass blog. And for also letting some kid in a crappy band pester him through Craigslist about a Joey Ramone record. I owe ya

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