Friday, October 21, 2011

"My Personal Top 10" - Joe Mizzi from About The Mess

Today's featured artist sharing his "Personal Top 10" favorite living stand-up comedians is Joe Mizzi from Chicago's own About The Mess. If you don't know Joe or About The Mess, you should! Their debut EP "Anthem Of Imperfection" is out now on Whoa! Records. And you can catch the band live next Friday, October 28 at LiveWire Lounge and on November 10 at Beat Kitchen, both in Chicago. Now, the man of the hour....take it Joe!

So this is a "Top 10 Living And Active Stand-Up Comics" I'm a huge fan of stand-up comedy. I stuck with the living comics, because if I had to contend with the deceased ones, this list would have taken a month to compile. So many that would have been on that list were recently lost as well, Carlin, Geraldo, Schimmel, etc...and while this list is still very incomplete, I think the videos attached are great samples, for a great list. If as a reader you are a PC snob, you sure as hell won't like my list. But hey, tear up my list and let's hear some of your favorites!

10) Jim Gaffigan -
- We all know this stand-up special...A classic, with many great bits.

9) Maria Bamford -
- She plays the violin, like me, so of course I dig her! Plus, her voice and whole her against other people bits are awesome. She is unique.

8) Will Ferrell -
- OK, not really a stand-up, but one of the best shows ever. Hard to pick a moment from this one.

7) Louis CK -
- Louis is really big right now, and while I am a late comer to his material, I am a huge fan so far.

6) Aziz Ansari -
- I saw him live at the Vic (Theater in Chicago), and was blown away. Extremely entertaining, especially with the whole Raaaaaandy bit he was doing at the time. Hopefully he comes up with more variety.

5) Chris Rock -
- He tackles so many typical comedian topics but takes them to really uncomfortable but hilarious areas. He puts to shame comedians who do the usual men vs. women schticks. I think this clip is a great example.

4) Kathleen Madigan -
- Another person I was a late comer to, but someone I find insanely funny. If she wasn't on this list, Louis Black probably would have been, they seem to go hand in hand.

3) Ron White -
- If you don't think this dude is funny, I can't help you.

2) Lisa Lamineli -
- The only comedian who has ever been able to really do what she does. If you are a PC snob, you will find her absolutely appalling, because you are incapable of getting it, proof that you are a snob.

1) Bill Burr -
- This guy does some bits, that are definitely "male" orientated, but that dig in so perfectly to how guy's think, and how stupid and idiotic and mean and vulnerable we can all be at the same time, awesome. 

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