Monday, February 13, 2012

Music News: Mooster Records Takes Off

Just when you thought the whole music industry had gone bust, there's a new independent record label coming out of Chicago! And they are looking to change the face of indie music! 

 Mooster Records is run and operated by Brandon Harrod who plays drums in the Chicago based garage rock band The Larroquettes. Brandon's vision is to release quality music to music lovers. Not specifically one style or genre of music either.

So far the label has released 2 of Harrod's solo releases,
"Kuna For Dayzzzzz" and "Wide Open Sun", both of which are more along the lines of singer/songwriter meets Violent Femmes style than Harrod's hard rocking and garage based music with The Larroquettes. Up next on the labels roster is the new album by Nick Minnow "Plant Music (an untested hypothesis)" as well as Harrod's new "Karaoke Party". You can get both releases in digital format with hard copies coming shortly.

I spoke with Mr. Harrod yesterday and he describes Minnow's album as "
an experimental rock free jazz concept album
!" And I've heard the album, and it's quite mind blowing to say the least. It's very original in it's style and complexity. Any music lover with an open mind will definitely dig this album. My review of the record will be coming shortly to Critical Mass. But in the meantime I suggest you check it out at Minnow's bandcamp page.

2012 is looking to be a big year for Mooster Records, and the entire Critical Mass family couldn't be more happy. We'll be here reporting on all things Mooster Records as they become available. And we want to wish Brandon all the best, and thank him for taking the indie label to the next step here in Chicago.

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