Friday, February 24, 2012

Music Review: The Bucky Rage - "Mini Album"

I've always been a fan of garage rock. For me, music ignites the fire in the soul and gets the blood and juices flowing. And there is nothing like the crunch, power, passion, intensity and drive of good old rock n roll. The Bucky Rage, from Glasgow Scotland, take that intensity and passion and bring it to the next level on their new 7 song "mini" album, which is just a taste of what we can expect from the bands up coming full length.

The album opens with "Cut Em Down" which is very reminiscent of The Stooges classic "1969". It's heavy and in your face with just enough umph to make you shake your tail feather without being too heavy. It's a great opening track. "Pow Wow" takes a light turn with super cool 3 part harmonies and a great organ that just adds to the power of  the songs, just like back in the 60's. Sure, I'm a sucker for organs in rock n roll. But these guys truly bring it back old school style without being ridiculously retro that you'll be turned off. It's just good old fashioned fun music played by really competent musicians, so don't let the Mexican wrestling masks fool you into thinking otherwise. 

The band, Philthy Collins (drums/vocals), Handsome Al (guitar/backup vocals), Pete Khaos (organ) and Panther Adams (bass) really take the influential sound of bands like The Stooges, Question Mark And The Mysterians and sprinkle it with Ronettes style harmonies. It's a perfect mixture too.
The band is tight and spontaneous bringing out the best in each player. These guys really have perfected their craft on these tracks.

"Bubblegum Crisis" is another great tune. A true ode to all things 60's from the organ sound and catchy guitar riffs right down to the "whoa oh oh oh" sing along at the end. So sugary sweet you'll wanna break out the old Hullabaloo DVD collection your mom and dad have.

The Bucky Rage really are a fun and exciting band so full of spastic energy and excitement. Throw in a kooky cool image and it's truly a win win for all parties involved. I hope these Libre rock n rollers cross the pond and come to America for some shows soon. They'll fit right in! The Bucky Rage, a great band worth checking out. 

4 ½ / 5 stars


  1. Thank you very much for the glowing review

    Love & Rage

    Panther Adams

  2. It was my pleasure, Panther! Thanks for letting me hear your music!

  3. fun music played by really competent musicians

    You out of you r mind man


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