Thursday, February 23, 2012

Music Reviews: Nick Minnow - "Nick Minnow Presents: Plant Music (an untested hypothesis)"

The joy of music is that there is so many different styles to choose from. You have your traditional styles like jazz, country, rock and R&B. Then you can mix and mesh styles to create a different style but still stay true to what you believe in. Jazz fusion, southern rock, alternative country and trip hop...just to name a few. So when an artists comes along that's so diverse and original, it's not only a pleasure to the ears, but to the senses as well.

Nick Minnow is one of those artists that take so many styles and turn it into something original and exciting all at once. It may catch you off guard, but, if you're like me, you'll soon fall so into it you'll enjoy it greatly. Minnow's new album "Nick Minnow Presents: Plant Music (an untested hypothesis)", out now on Mooster Records, is so out there, so off the map that it's kinda cool and invigorating to hear. It's a mixture of jazz, industrial and experimental rock all rolled into one big ball of sound!

The album, which, by the way is a conceptual piece, features some freak out tunes like "Plantae Imploration" "Tenric Excalibur" and "Closer To Photosynthesis". The songs are well crafted and have that acid jazz sonic structure to them but at the same time have almost a danceable feel as well. It's definitely an album to get baked to!

Although it's not normally my style of music, I can appreciate what Minnow's bringing to the table here. This is obviously a man of ideas and imagination. And he's not afraid to take those ideas and put them to music. He's making music that he feels in his soul, and it truly comes out in the songs. Now, if only there were more artists that played what they feel in their gut and not what they think will make them stars, the music world would be a much brighter and diverse place.

4 / 5 stars

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