Friday, February 3, 2012

Music Reviews: After The Fact - "Super Scary Scenarios" EP

After The Fact are a new band from Fort Myers, FL who play an infectious brand of ska punk and like having fun. The bands debut EP "Super Scary Scenarios" (Route 8 Records) is loaded with catchy riffs and hooks, a good beat, great vocals and or course horns! The band has a sound similar to that of Less Than Jake, but at the same time have their own style of songwriting.

This incredible EP kicks off with "Stuck" and fun track about being, well, STUCK! But it could be about being stuck a bad relationship, a dead end job, your hometown...anywhere! And the sound bites from "Office Space" just add to the good times. Who knew being stuck in a rut could be so much fun!

"This Time" has an all killer no filler opening guitar riff and harmonies that make this track an instant favorite for this listener. Singer Casey Gartland has a really good voice and he lets it shine all over this track (and all 6 tracks on this album, actually). His vocals never strain or overpower the other players on the album. They all just gel so well together.

"Frustrated" kicks off with an old school bass riff that goes into a great horn sound and we're off and running! Gang style vocals galore and a heavy groove make this another stand out track. I can't get enough of this album!

The band is tight as fuck. Guitarist Tim Tim is a great player who can play heavy riff solos and then play a beautiful acoustic song like "Maravilla" without a hitch. This kids got talent! The rhythm section of Big E (bass) and Dougie Fresh (drums) along with Paul Kalugdan (trumpet/guitar) just gel so well together. And along with Gartland bring the good times without tripping over each other musically. Bring these guys together and you have a great band who play energetic summer friendly music. Just when you thought this style of music has grown old and stale, After The Fact bring it all home with a fresh sound and show that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

4 ½ / 5 stars


  1. Thanks man for the incredibly kind words!! :) We are really glad you enjoyed the album and cant say thank you enough for writing this about us :) Take care man and hopefully we will see you at a show someday! :D

    -TimTim :D and the boys of ATF!

    1. Hey man, seriously, no thanks is needed! It was my pleasure to review the EP. Thanks to you guys for hitting me up and sending it to me. It's a great record and I'm stoked to share it with not only my friends, but also the people who read this blog. Maybe we can get you guys a gig up here in Chicago at some point!



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