Monday, August 8, 2011

Concert Review: Naked Raygun August 6, 2011 Cobra Lounge Chicago, IL

Oh, what poor god's we do make! Only 1 word can describe the Naked Raygun show at Cobra Lounge on Saturday (August 6)...WOW! I've seen so many Raygun shows over the years it's hard to come up with an actual number. But the show at Cobra was one of the BEST shows by this legendary band that I have ever seen. Now if only there were less trendy people in polo shirts and flip flops it would have been a flawless audience.

Naked Raygun are a Chicago institution! They never seem to age or go out of style. They are to Chicago what the Ramones were to New York. They play from the heart and play to win! And this show was no exception. They played familiar songs like "Rat Patrol", "Surf Combat" and "Treason", along with songs less played over the last few years like "When The Walls Come Down" and "Cold Bringer", and new numbers like "Burning Red". And the band topped it all off with "Wonder Beer" and "No Sex". There was even the always anticipated "free shit" (Naked Raygun beer coozies) at the show. What more could you ask for?

The band these days consists of legendary frontman Jeff Pezzati, drummer Eric Spicer and guitarist Bill Stephens along with newcomer, and former Methadones/Bomb bass player, Pete Mittler who's been filling in for Raygun alumni Pierre Kezdy, who's stroke last year has kept him on the sidelines. And the band even threw in a surprise bass player for part of the set, Chicago's own Joe Principe of Rise Against! (formerly of 88 Fingers Louie) fame.

The guy's looked and sounded amazing as they ripped through some 20+ songs in their hour + long set. If you closed your eyes, you would have thought it was 1986 all over again. Jeff sounded amazing hitting every note spot on when he wasn't letting the crowd sing along. Bill's playing is just inspiring. This guy is a one man riff assassin! And Eric, Pete and Joe kept it all together showing how much talent and dedication to their craft they have. It's bands like NR that make people like myself GLAD to be alive and kicking in a great city that has given us so much wonderful music and fond memories. And this show is definitely one for the books.

The show was billed as a "Lollapalooza after party". But seriously, who are we kidding. Naked Raygun aim for the die hard, TRUE music fans. Not some cooperate overpriced bullshit ego-stroke-fest like Lolla. I guess that was the whole joke. Who says you gotta spend close to $200 on a 3 day pass, $10 on a beer and $8 for a dried up hot dog when you can see a true classic for $10, enjoy $4 beers and come home with "free shit"! Oh thank heaven for Naked Raygun

Set list:

Iron Maiden

Home Of The Brave
The Strip
Growing Away
Surf Combat
Vanilla Blue
When The Walls Come Down
Soldiers Requiem
Burning Red
Wonder Beer
Knock Me Down
I Don't Know
Rat Patrol
Backlash Jack
No Sex
New Dreams

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  1. That was a DAMN good show! It definitely made up for the lack-luster 2006 Riot Fest show (which was cool, but not high energy). I pitty the sorry bastards who missed this one.


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