Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Interview With Piperita Patties Bassist And Co Founder Of Astro Girl Records, Marialuisa Fagiani

Critical Mass: Thanks for taking the time to talk with Critical Mass, Marialuisa. You help run Astro Girl Records with Val Ventura, you have your own blog AND you play in a band. How do you find time to do so many cool things in a day?

Marialuisa Fagiani: I don’t know! I worship “all things cool” but I’m very far from being an overachiever, my role model being The Big Lebowski (a passion I share with my friend Val Ventura). I’d love to say that I’m a champion at “task juggling” because I’m focused and committed. Well, I am focused and committed someway, but the key is definitely in the fun I have while doing these things. You know, if you have fun you never lose.

CM: How did you get started with Astro Girl Records? Have you been a part of the label right from the beginning?

MF:  Well, yes. Astro Girl records is kind of my twisted mind’s love child. I was, like, bored and wanted to try something new, musicwise. I have a strong penchant for girl bands and I thought it would have been nice to start a “dedicated” label for punkettes and slackers. Later on I met with Val, this incredibly talented girl, and I shared my thoughts with her. As soon as I started talking she said. “I’m in!” And that’s pretty much the story of our label. Of our COOL label. May I say “cool”?

CM: Do you help find new talent for the label? And is there a new band that has a release coming out in the coming months?

MF:  Yep. Val and I are constantly on the prowl for something new, for some great unknowns born to rock’n’roll!! I discovered her, for instance. She had these AMAZING, UNBELIEVABLE tunes, a little bit neglected on a My Space page and the moment I listened to them I thought: “Come on!! Don’t tell me you are unsigned!! I gotta do something to give these gems the justice they deserve!!”. We became friends and her 7” “Sun Down California” is gonna be AstroGirl Records first release.

A couple of months ago Val came up with an awesome band from Orlando, FL:Wet Nurse. They’re incendiary girls. They got everything: attitude, irony, personality. They write the best songs and perform accordingly. I love them!! Can’t wait to release their EP!!

CM: Can you tell us a little about your blog, Peroxide Beauty Queen? How did the blog get started?

MF: I’m addicted to pop culture. I essentially wanted to share my whims with like-minded people out there. I started the blog about a year ago and it’s developing much better than I thought it would be. It’s kind of like the school diary of a feisty 8th grader who craves for the “all things cool” I mentioned above and lives in a constant state of desire: from Rizzo’s original vinyls to the Blondie doll to the unattainable Gossip Girl’s Wardrobe. Peroxide Beauty Queen is a playground for misfit girls of all ages and sexes.

CM: Fashion has always been a huge part of the music scene. Do you find inspiration in fashion when it comes to creating music?

MF: Totally. In my band’s upcoming album, for example, there’s this song inspired to the good ol’ “Sex and the City” vibe! So “noughties”!! The song is called “Manolos” and it practically is about a girl who borrows from the infamous Carrie Bradshaw a pair of strappy, precious sandals to stroll along the golden little bricks of the “dream-paved” Meatpacking District in New York. To walk those streets in high heels you definitely need a hot “arm candy”, if you know what I mean!

Our commitment to a postmodern sense of fashion is so conspicuous that we have been dubbed a “SHOP-PUNK” band. So, what more can I say? SHOP & DESTROY folks!

CM: As mentioned, you play bass in the band Piperita Patties. Can you give us some history on the band? How long have you all been together?

MF: I started the band about four years ago. The name is nothing but the Italian translation (made plural) of Peppermint Patty, the red haired girl from Peanuts. It’s an open and proud reference to all those who don’t fit in but are happy and feisty nonetheless. You do your own thing, you share it with the like-minded, you have fun, you’re happy. It’s a sort of an equation but it’s not math. Math sucks!

CM: Does the band have any new material coming out in the near future?

MF: Totally. We already have two 7 inches out for Surfin’Ki Records (IT) and Waterslide Records (JP) and our first album is due out at the end of this year. We also have a 7” due out on AstroGirl records in a few months (I claim my right to have my fucking band on my fucking label!).. It will feature the English version of the girl power anthem “All My Friends Are Girls” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEq6SijGjKM), the 50’s inspired queer punk lullaby “Gayteen” and the more testosteronic, sweaty ways of the Ramonesque “Hey Drummer”. It’s already a classic!

CM: How can people get in touch with you, Astro Girl Records, Peroxide Beauty Queen and Piperita Patties?

MF: There are several ways. Finding me on Facebook is always a good way. But you can also email me at the following addresses:
 A) astrogirlrecords@gmail.com (you can also skype us! astro.records)
 C) princesa@libero.it

CM: Thanks again for talking with Critical Mass, Marialuisa. I wanna wish you the very best with the label, the band and your blog. and I hope we hear more from you in the future. Thanks again.

MF: Thank you for having me on your amazing blog!! You rock!

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