Friday, August 5, 2011

Music Reviews: The Love Shots - "Crooner"

Being a music lover, I've heard every style of music there is. Glam metal, death metal, thrash, trip hop, prog rock, emo, pop punk, power pop, alternative country. The list goes on and on. But "death wop"? NOW I've seen it all!

This is the self described musical style of Elgin's own The Love Shots. 3 guy's who literally play, well....death wop! A pretty rad combination of punk and doo wop. And you wanna know something else? It's kinda cool! The band just released it's debut full length "Crooner" in June. It's 15 songs of catchy doo wop inspired awesomeness! They keep it original in their style, but also tip their hat to bands like Alkaline Trio and The Ramones. "Crooner" is a fun record. It's unlike anything you may have heard before. But it'll grow on you and you'll be wanting more by the end of the record.

The band, singer/guitarist Danny Craig, bassist Rob Nelson and drummer Johnny Perrin, kick thinks off with "Shutterbug", a great little open love letter to a girl who's soul is "dark and cold", that is so sweet it makes sugar taste like salt, even with the dark theme.

"I Know What I Want" is another great song that'll have you singing "Sha na na na, I'm one sneaky motherfucker" in the shower everyday before you head off to work, school or the liquor store. Just super catchy pop greatness disguised as a punk song. BRILLIANT!

The album ends on a high note with the one two punch of "Five-Star General" one of the heaviest tracks on the album. And "237" with the lyrics "Smoke all you can til you can't feel your lungs. Must be hard to breathe when you're coughing up blood." THIS is some sick shit that Glenn Danzig couldn't even come up with. I love it. Give me more!

Between the originality of their sound, killer hooks and lyrics that only a sick mofo could love, "Crooner" is one hell of a ride. It's all about sick twisted fun. And that's what will keep me coming back to this album. It's all about the fun. And if you can't have fun, then you're no fun!

4 / 5 Stars

Track list:

1 - Shutterbug
2 - Banshee
3 - Excuses, Excuses
4 - Kill
5 - I Know What I Want
6 - 10 Speed Boyfriend
7 - Heart Collapser
8 - Panico
9 - Cradle Robber
10 - Stay
11 - Punctured Romance
12 - Pure Pleasure
13 - Husband Undercover
14 - Five-Star General
15 - 237

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