Monday, August 22, 2011

Music Reviews: Caves/Sundials Split

The new Sundials/Caves split is a fun twofer from a couple up and coming groups (and recent touring mates) that you NEED to hear. Sundials, a band who I have been extremely fond of since hearing their debut long player "Never Settle", hail from Richmond Virginia. And Caves, a band I was not too familiar with until this split, but excite me just as much as Sundials, are from Bristol, UK. Both bands have a jangly guitar sound reminiscent of the early/mid 90's alternative scene. But it's not old fogy music. It's modernized with honest lyrics, sing along choruses and a fun attitude, even if it gets a dark at times.

My newest favorite band, Sundials, kick things off with their song "Viking Funeral". The song clocks in at 1:29, but is effective with the Sundials sound, a mix of The Lemonheads and Cheap Girls that will have you hooked faster than you can say Evan Dando! The music is another mix of hard driving drums and bass courtesy of Carl (bass) and Cory (drums) along with singer/guitarist Harris' ability to keep you tuned into his lyrics, as simple as they may be. "There's gonna be some awkward questions. Stuff our family never mentioned" only to "Talk about it at your viking funeral". It's short, sweet, to the point and just a blast!

Caves closes this split with an amazing song called "Desperate Times". It's got a crunchy yet melodic sound provided by singer/guitarist
Louise Hanman. She's also a damn fine singer to boot! "Desperate Times" is aggressive and sweet all at the same time with a lot of "Whoa oh oh oh's" that will have you singing along. The rhythm section of bass player Jonathan Minto and drummer Dave Brent are just ferocious. They hold their own and this song together with tremendous musicianship. I need to check out more from this band. This song is a keeper. And if the rest of their catalog is as good, this will be yet another band to look out for in the future.

As usual, I want MORE from Sundials, and now Caves too! This split is a great way to end summer. It's just a fun record that will hopefully bring some much deserved attention to these 2 young groups. You can stream the songs now at the Kiss Of Death Records Bandcamp site located HERE. Check it out, buy the split and show some support for a couple great bands.

4 / 5 Stars

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