Monday, August 22, 2011

Interviw With The Legendary Tesco Vee From The Meatmen

Critical Mass: Thanks for taking the time to talk with Critical Mass, TV. The Meatmen had a month long tour this part April, and have a few shows coming up in Michigan and Indiana between now and October. Are there any plans for another tour by years end?

Tesco Vee: Yes!  We are touring the East Coast Oct 19-30...doing 3 shows with Black Fag The Absolutely Fabulous tribute to Black Flag in Boston, Long Island and Brooklyn, and working on possible shows with Youth Brigade in Florida..this will be my first time back in Fl. since the 90's so stoked to get back down there...I still have quite a few fans in America's penis!

CM: The bands last album, Cover The Earth, came out in '09. Are you guy's working on any new material? Or are there any plans for a new release in the near future?

TV: Near future? No. But slowly but surely we are working on new stuff. We are trotting out a new song on this tour, the last song I wrote in 1996 before disbanding that line up. Its autobiographical in nature and its called 'Dinosaur' cuz I'm an old school punk from the Mezozoic era!  I have a bunch of songs in my brain. Everyone keeps telling me "people don't buy albums anymore"  but hey fuck all that. I still do. I know I still have one long playin platter in me.

CM: During the bands existence you've had numerous line-up changes, and even played with Brian Baker and Lyle Preslar from Minor Threat and Todd Swalla from The Necros. Do you see a possible "history of The Meatmen" ever happening where you could bring out some former members for a few songs from their time in the band? 

TV: History of the Meatmen? No..Its like having a bunch of ex girlfriends out there..some you get along with and some you just as soon not see anymore. Lineups change but as long as there is the Dutch Hercules steering this ship of fools, its still the Meatmen.

CM: You've always been over the top when it comes to live performances and songwriting. I mean, lets face it, some people just don't get it. Is it hard to get the band booked in southern states like say Alabama and Georgia due to bands outrageous live show and controversial songs?

TV: No actually I live for the slack jawed mouth agape responses in the hinterland. We play Atlanta, not sure about Alabama. Do people actually listen to music there that isn't both types, country & western?  I love to shock and offend. Not as easy to do in NYC. But even in places like Minneapolis you see those looks of mortification. Mission accomplished!

CM: When the band went on an 11 year hiatus between '97 and '08 what were you up to? Were you still recording music?

TV: No I thought I was done. Collecting old toys, riding Japanese rice rockets, being a family man..moved back to Mich in 1999 cuz the nations capitol was really starting to suck. Michigan is a great place to be in a band. The mitten has spawned many a classic combo and the Motor City is still brimming with players to choose from. The Clydes I got now just rule. I will pit them against any line up I've had. This ain't no lame ass comeback, this is the real deal! So get off your flattened out wheelchair butt and come out and see a show!

CM: With classic songs like Tooling For Anus, What's This
Shit Called Love?, and Crippled Children Suck is it hard to come up with new songs that will piss off the uptight America we all know and hate? 

TV: No, its a target rich environment out there..what with the new crop of zealots like Bachman and Perry...plenty of hate to go around...I callit can burn someone at the stake but do it with moxy verve, and some verbal aplomb..keep em guessing "Is he serious?" "He cant be serious!" "I think He's serious!!!!"

CM: With Crippled Children Suck, French People Suck, and Camel Jockeys Suck already Meatmen classics, are there any plans for a fourth installment of the "Suck" series?

TV: Nahh! It would be easy but I'll stick with the big 3.

CM: What's next for
Tesco Vee? Ever consider running for President? I bet you would do better than the guy we have now!

TV: Ya know being a politician you need to be such a messed up prostitute, and have everyone hate you...hey maybe that would be pretty cool!  But they dig into your past and ya think I might have a problem there. I plan on doing the next best thing..becoming an ordained minister. Can you imagine the weddings and funerals with me presiding in full get up? 

CM: Is there a website you wanna plug where fans can get news on upcoming gigs and merch?
TV: has all the dates and the latest news and Meaty swag. I also also tweet. Also on Facebook my book, Touch and Go :The Complete Hardcore Punk Fanzine 1979-1983'. It be selling like hotcakes!  We're Still The Meatmen and You Still Suck!

CM: Thanks again for talking with Critical Mass, TV. It's an honor to get this interview with the man himself! I hope we get some new Meatmen tunes in the near future! Thanks again.

TV: Thank You!
  Always happy to flap my gums about the most exciting punk band on the planet...mine!

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