Thursday, October 18, 2012

Music Reviews: Grand Perceptor - "Invasions" EP

Maybe I've been a little sheltered over the years when it comes to music. But When I think of Melbourne, Australia, I don't necessarily think of kick ass garage style rock. I think more of Crocodile Dundee and maybe Angus and Malcolm Young. As it turns out, Melbourne knows how to bring the rock! After listening to Grand Perceptor's latest EP, "Invasions", it's pretty obvious, rock n roll is alive and well down under!

"Invasions" is a grand mix of fuzzed out guitar and distorted bass riffs mixed in with shards of glass and metal. It's heavy and dirty in places and powerful in others. But it's also a damn fine and well recorded album. Upon first listen, it's hard to point out specifically what makes this so great. But after the second or third listen, you start picking out bits and pieces of awesomeness starting with "Ceasefire", the opening track. It's got aTex Mex guitar riff and a great rhythm section played ala Double Trouble style. It's lean and mean. But what makes the song really pop is singer Sparrow's vocal approach. He's like the kid brother of Jack White who turned to monsters and aliens for inspiration instead of old Delta Blues. This guys got a great set of pipes on him!

"Daylight Homicide" is another fine slab of beefy rock n roll. Lots of distortion laced riffs and a killer megaphone style vocal makes this a real stand out track for me. Sparrow is a powerful guitar player, full of mad riffs and wicked solos. But he doesn't overstay his welcome. He gives just as much as needed, saving room for the other guys to show what they got. And it's safe to say that he's brought in a rhythm section that can really make the songs shine while also being powerful in their own right. Michael Fitt (bass) and Dean Stanton (drums) really show what they're made of on "Pacifist". It's all about the rhythm from the opening bass riff that holds this song together to the rolling drum beat that keeps building up throughout the song making it grow with fire and fury with each second. By the end of this track you're gonna be boiling over with intense energy and excitement.

Besides great playing
and songwriting, the production on "Invasions" is really good too. It could have easily been recorded on the cheap to make the dirty fuzz tones make a point. But with the record sounding this good it makes it clear that this is the sound the band is going for. Tight and distorted, but also clean and intact. The songs have just the right amount of character without being forced into a corner. There's room to breath in these songs and I think that's why I like this as much as I do. It takes you right to the edge without pushing over the cliff. "Invasions" is an intense record by a great band. I can only hope the bands live shows are as riveting as their albums.

4 / 5 stars

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