Monday, October 8, 2012

Music Reviews: No Enemy! - "Dying America" EP

You like punk rock? Yeah, me too. You like it raw and in your face? Well, have I got a band for you. Chicago's own No Enemy! have a new EP called "Dying America" that features 4 new tracks that are as raw and in your face, but also as catchy as anything else out there. I like this band a lot. They're one of those hidden gems. In a city full of bigger names who releases less than stellar material, it's nice to see a band like No Enemy! who put out hit after hit and don't worry about being the next big thing. This is a band that's just happy being able to play and it shows on these 4 tracks.

Kicking things off in high gear with the title track, the band jump right in with both feet. This is a fast and intense number full of snotty attitude and a fist in the air sing along chorus. The song has a chugging guitar riff and a great beat. It's a great way to kick things off. But the speed and intensity doesn't stay that way for long. "I Don't Know Anything" starts out with this killer pop punk guitar lick that'll make you a fan of this tune before the vocals even kick in. It's catchy and upbeat. It's my favorite track on the album. Just a fun song. And how can you beat a title like that? Does anyone REALLY know anything? I think not.

The band, Riff Damage, Modern Maggio, Nat, Dr. Slow, are definitely in synch musically. This is a tight outfit who thrive on putting out great music time and time again. Like the bands last release, the "Disagree To Disagree" single, the songs are well written and played. Even when they pick up the tempo on "Joke's On Me" the band never miss a beat. It's a full on sonic assault on the senses. These guys can play fast or slow and still hold your attention without being obnoxious or acting like they're trying too hard. It's all in the songs. And what great songs they are.

"My Life Is Killing Me" closes out this EP making me want more. I know it's not cheap going into a studio and recording. So I understand that sometimes an EP or a single is the only way to go. But DAMN if this isn't gonna make me jones for more music from this band. "Dying America" is a solid EP front to back. When this band DOES release a full length, it's gonna blow minds in a big way. Until then check out this EP and show some support for a great up and coming band.

4 ½  / 5 stars

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