Thursday, October 11, 2012

Music Reviews: UGLYBoNES - "Leave Me Alone"

Outside of the old standby's, it's hard to find a hardcore band that's any good these days. Thank god UGLYBoNES are back with a new full length album called "Leave Me Alone". It's 12 tracks of in your face hardcore. It's unapologetic and pissed off! And what's so bad about that? Isn't that what hardcore was founded on?

"Wasted" kicks right in with a rolling drum beat and goes right into a fast guitar assault that'll make you wanna tear shit up. And it's ON from that point. Singer Lev makes no bones about it, he wants to get fucked up and he doesn't care who knows it. If you're straight edge, stay away from this track...hell, stay away from this ALBUM. 4 of these 12 tracks ("Morgan", Backseat Love Making", "I Don't Want You" and "Boozehound") can be found on the bands last EP "Die Partying". And it's safe to say the bands hell bent on doing just that. This is party music for the unsatisfied youth of today. When you're stuck in a rut and just wanna let loose on the weekends, this is the perfect soundtrack for your life.

"Feed Me Doses" and "Peanut Butter" are old school hardcore that could have been on albums by D.R.I. or M.O.D. back in the 80's. Both are just straight up thrashing tunes made to get a pit going. This is a band that believes in what they do and wanna spread the gospel with the rest of the world. The band Lev (vocals), Viaj (bass), Filip (guitar) and Eric (drums) play with intensity and heart on this album. You can feel the passion in what they do. It's evident on songs like the title track, "1542" and "No Money" (story of my life). These guys are hardcore for life.

This albums 12 tracks clock in at around the 19 minute mark. Short, fast and to the point! The way this style of music was meant to be played. Crank it up to 11, piss off your neighbors and flip off anyone who looks at you weird for listing to this album. It's a fuck you to not only society, but to the state of music today. I like UGLYBoNES and think that what they're doing is pretty fucking cool. No safety net here folks. Just straight up punk rock.

4 / 5 stars

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