Saturday, October 27, 2012

Music Reviews: Various Artists - "Music To Bleed To Vol: 3"

Just this last week I reviewed "Music To Bleed To Vol: 2" in preparation for the newest installment in the series being released this Weds, October 31, Halloween. And what a better way to kick off the goulish holiday season than with 32 more songs by 16 artists to stain your skin blood red to! 

The Bloody Muffs kick things off with "I Like Pussy", a pretty self explanatory song about the joys of, well....PUSSY! It's a pretty kick ass way to start off this record. And the excitement and power doesn't end there...not even close! Common Enemy shred not only guitars, but vocal chords with the blood pumping twofer attack of "Dead Kegs" and "Thrown Away". If this band doesn't get the pit going, nothing will. Holy fuck, is this band heavy! Things take a slight turn with "Breathe" by Dead Rejects. It's still a heavy tune but it's also flavored with a little ska. It's nice mix for an album so full of testosterone and sweaty attitude. 

Music To Bleed To is the brainchild of Infested Records head honcho Jason Friend, a man with a vision of bringing back the DIY scene and releasing some great albums along the way. With MTBT he's giving us more bang for our buck! 16 bands who NEED to be heard, on 1 album for a very low price. This is what it's all about. Spreading the word and keeping it underground was what punk and hardcore were founded on. Labels like SST and Dischord were the originators and pioneers of this movement. And Infested is taking the baton and running with it.

My buddy Ben and his band The Enders have contributed possibly two of the bands BEST songs, "Song For The Working Class" and "My Television" to this already amazing album. Both songs are great examples of blue collar guys singing about what they know, working hard and watching the TV! Can't go wrong with that, now can ya? "Stomachache" by Super Sucker (not to be confused with Supersuckers) is a great way to spend 3 minutes. It's all about having to take a mean dump, and even features some great sound effects that you need to hear. Too funny! Closing out this set is Anti-Venom's monster tune "I'm So Sick Of You". A true hardcore beast that's as raw as anything out there. Fast and furious, this is a song that would have been a great album opener, if not for the fact that there was already a great album opener. But it's also equally as strong as a closer. This is what this compilation is all about. Getting into the pit and tearing some shit up. Show some support for our underground scene and pick up "Music To Bleed To Vol: 3" on Halloween. You can pre-order the album today by clicking  HERE, or you can buy it on Weds! Either way, it's a great album that really needs to heard. So pick up a copy for you, and one for a friend! Your momma would be proud!

4 / 5 stars

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