Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Music Reviews: Various Artists - "Music To Bleed To Vol: 2"

Compilation albums are a cool way for bands of a certain genre to come together and showcase each bands style and sound. It's also a great way of discovering bands you may not have had the chance to hear before. I'm a big fan of comps because you get multiple bands for a single CD price. So, in honor of Infested Records upcoming "Music To Bleed To Vol: 3", I'm looking back on the labels last installment, "Music To Bleed To Vol: 2".This album showcases the works of 15 bands with 29 tracks. As you can probably guess by the title, this is aggressive music for true fans of hardcore! Rash Decision give us the pit opening anthem "Giving And Taking (Fuck You)". This is good old school hardcore in the vein of say an Agnostic Front or Cro-Mags. Stab Your Back are pissed off and ready to fight with "One Day". This is just one big monster slam record front to back with more anger and sweat than you can handle. Not a second is wasted on anything remotely mellow or poppy. This is an in your face fuck the system music for all you boot party warriors!

Jason and the Infested family really know how to compile a great album that represents hardcore to it's fullest potential. I can go on and on about bands like Luvdump and Clepto. But you need to hear these bands in order to really grasp their intensity and power. Sorry State are a real standout band for me. The bands track "Good For Me" brings me back to my younger days hanging with the hardcore crew in the mid 80's in Chicago. Fast and riff heavy, this is a band on the rise. And with a comp like this, it gives all these bands a place to shine and show what they're made of.

With the latest "MTBT" record coming out on Oct 30, I think it's safe to say that you'll have another ear bleeding comp to feed your hardcore hunger. Be sure to check out "Music To Bleed To Vol: 1" as well as the upcoming Minor Threat tribute album (which will feature songs by Stab Your Back, Atrocity Solution and The Filthy Radicals, who are all featured on this disc) coming out on Feb 26, 2013. And as always show support for our scene and great independent labels like Infested Records. Be sure to get your copy by going HERE

4 / 5 stars

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