Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Music News: Rush Plan Multiple Releases In The Coming Months

As I posted yesterday VH1 Classic will be debuting the new Rush live DVD "Time Machine: Live In Cleveland 2011" on Weds September 28 (a week from today) in a 2 hour edited version, well over a month BEFORE the official release date of November 8. 

Now news has broke that there will be theatrical release of the live concert as well. The full length feature will hit theaters on October 26, almost 2 full weeks before the official DVD/Blu-Ray release date.

And if that isn't enough Rush news for you, it has also been officially announced that there will be 4 Rush related releases on November 8. With the release of the "Time Machine: Live In Cleveland 2011" DVD, the band will also be releasing the double CD companion. We're still not sure if the live CD will be from the Cleveland show this past April, or from multiple shows from the very successful Time Machine Tour 2010/2011.

The band will also be releasing, as a separate package, "Moving Pictures: Live 2011" as vinyl and digital releases. Recorded at the same show as the "Time Machine" DVD, I'm guessing this vinyl release may be a limited edition item. No official word yet though.

Along with the live DVD, double CD and vinyl version of "MP Live", Rush drummer/lyricist Neil Peart will also be releasing his instructional DVD "Taking Center Stage: A Lifetime Of Live Performance" on November 8 as well. 

All in all, 2011 is a big marketing year for Rush. You can get all the up to date news at the bands official website.

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  1. This show is incredible! I saw it on Palladia a few nights back and I am still blown away by how great the band sounded!!!!!!


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