Thursday, September 22, 2011

Music Reviews: Outsiders - "Outsiders EP"

Whenever I get a new album or EP to review, it's always a gamble. It could be amazing, great, so so, mediocre or just plain horrible. Sometimes I'm blown away. Other times, not so much. But I always try to find something good in each record. Whether it's a particular musician, sound or lyrics. I try to find something good. And not being able to write a song to save my life I can only imagine these bands put everything into their music. And it must be crushing to read a bad review. With that said, it's time for my review of the new Outsiders self titled EP, out on Underground Communique Records.

When I think of Wellington, New Zealand, I don't normally think of catchy punk rock! Boy was I surprised when I heard the first song "The Beginning Of The End". It very well COULD have been just that. But it's wasn't...not even close! The song starts out very low-fi, making you think this is a cheap ass recording job. Then I turned up the volume just in time for it to kick in full throttle! Loud and abrasive! I went to turn it down, only to realize this is the only way to hear it...LOUD! The song is very up front and in your face with a rousing sing along chorus. A great way to start off this EP.

Key stand out track "Crazy Jenkem Party" has a great super catchy guitar riff and a great beat. It's sure to be a crowd pleaser when played live. A song that will
definitely have you raising you fist in unison and singing along. Next up is "Bonships And Friendfires" (which is also featured as a live bonus track at the end). It's all about unity and positivity. It's almost cliche' to have songs like that in this day and age of punk rock. But these guy's do it with urgency and make you BELIEVE in it. Not just talk about it because it's "the thing to do" so to speak. GREAT song!

"Sleeper" is another rollicking good time via song! It has great melody and enthusiasm. I honestly can't find a sour spot in this song. It has jangly guitars in certain areas, killer down strokes in others, and again, more great fist pumping action. Throw in a scorching solo, and you've got another blast of fiery punk rock on your hands.

Of the 7 songs on this EP tracks, 1-5 were the bands first EP recorded in '08. Track 6 is a demo from '09. And the last track was recorded live in '09 as well. Pretty impressive if I do say so myself. This is a band with a fire inside and the strength to go the long run in a world of "here today, gone later today" punk bands. I hope to see this band around for a long time. They just landed in America for a tour. Get out there and SEE this band when they hit your town. I know I'll be there when they hit Chicago.

Track Listing:

1 -
The Beginning Of The End
2 - Walk Away
3 -
Crazy Jenkem Party
4 -
Bonships And Friendfires
5 - Sleeper
6 - Finding Reason
7 -
Bonships And Friendfires (live)

4 / 5 Stars

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