Thursday, September 1, 2011

Music News: Rush Sign With Roadrunner Records

Canadian power trio, and one of my personal favorite bands, Rush have signed a record deal with Roadrunner Records, this according to Billboard magazine. The bands last label, Atlantic, has handled all the bands studio and live albums in the United States, going back to 1989's "Presto" album. Atlantic will still be the bands primary label for their Canadian releases. 

Rush manager Ray Daniels said in a statement "After years of Roadrunner pursuing the band, Tom Lipsky [President, Lipsky Music LLC] presented a deal that worked and the timing was right." Also adding "We wanted to be at a label focused on the rock genre -- and that's Roadrunner." 

The band, who has been working on their long awaited album "Clockwork Angels", also announced a new live CD to coincide with the release of the new live DVD that was shot in Cleveland this past April on the bands "Time Machine" tour, in which they played their legendary 1981 album "Moving Pictures" in it's entirety. No release date has been set for the CD. But the DVD/Blu-ray is scheduled to be released on November 8. 

No word yet if the live CD will be from the Cleveland show that was filmed on April 15, or songs culled from different stops on the "Time Machine" tour. Either way, this will be another big year for a band who has enjoyed close to 40 years as a recording unit, releasing such classic albums as the 1976 epic "2112", 1980's "Permanent Waves" and their 2007 critically acclaimed album "Snakes & Arrows".

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  1. This show is incredible! I saw it on Palladia a few nights back and I am still blown away by how great the band sounded!!!!!!


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