Sunday, January 29, 2012

Music News: Sundails Hold Fundraiser for Planned Parenthood

Richmond, Virginia's own Sundials are having a fundraisers to promote the Richmond, VA. Reproductive Freedom Project/Planned Parenthood by offering copies of their CD "Never Settle" or a copy of their "First 3 Songs" 7" for anyone who's willing to donate $10 or more. We here at Critical Mass think it's a great cause and support this project 100%. You can find out more by reading the official announcement by the Sundials themselves below.

Hey everybody,
So, reproductive rights are a big deal to us. So should they be to you! We’re doing a fundraiser for the Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project/Planned Parenthood, who are both currently having fundraisers. We’re giving away some stuff in return for your support! Here’s how it works.
If you donate $10 to Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project, you get your choice of either the Never Settle CD or the First Three Songs 7”.
If you donate $15 to Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project, you get both of ‘em.
If you donate $30 to Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project or more, you get both the CD and 7” and any other record you want.
Everyone who donates will be entered into a raffle at the end of the fundraiser. The winner gets a limited test press of Never Settle.
Donate here:
Donate here:
Once you’ve donated, send us your Transaction ID and we’ll send you a copy of First 3 Songs 7”!
Make sure to also post your Transaction ID to the Facebook page for 500 Richmond Residents for Reproductive Rights so we can reach the target goal!

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