Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Music Reviews: The Fizzy Pops - "Manic Motives And The Art Of Faking"

Just when you thought it couldn't get any getter, The Fizzy Pops make another spectacular album! The bands latest release, "Manic Motives And The Art Of Faking" (Swamp Cabbage Records), is a digital only release by this amazingly talented band. The groups style is a mix of pop, 60s girl group and punk rock that's so sweet, it makes sugar taste like salt. The albums clocks in with 15 tracks in 30 minutes. Short and sweet blast of awesomeness from start to finish. The band recorded short blast of music that is so catchy and infectious you'll be dumb founded by hot great it is. The songs are roughly 2 minutes in length which fits my attention span perfectly!

The first song "Alarm Clock" is one of the best album openers I think I've ever heard on a punk record. It's got the killer riff, fun lyrics and great melody. And this is just the first song! I don't know what planet this band came from, but I wanna move there immediately! "Up All Night", "You On The Brain" and "Terrible Liar" have the same spark of energy and bring it all around to make one hell of an album.

Cate (guitar/vocals) and Luke (bass/vocals) feed off each other vocally and mesh so well together that it would be difficult to imagine them not playing together in a band. Each bring something exciting and original to the songs. It almost reminds me of how Keith and Heather from Teen Idols harmonized on songs. Two great singers in one great band? You can't go wrong.

Now that's not to say the rest of the band isn't as talented. Sam Gunz (guitar) and Jake (drums) bring just as much energy and excitement to the project. Everyone plays so well together and the songs just gel into each other is a way that it's almost the perfect album. Very summer-y feeling. This album would go great with a backyard BBQ and some cold ones. I can't believe that music like this is coming fro m the Chicago suburbs! I knew we had a decent scene here. But THIS is the cherry on top of the punk rock sundae! I can't stress this enough...BUY THIS ALBUM!

4 ½ / 5 stars

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