Thursday, January 19, 2012

Music Reviews: Stop Drop - "Is Distracted"

I'm pretty open when it comes to different styles of music. Always have been. But there ARE certain styles that are either a hit or a miss with me. Reggae is definitely one of them. Sometimes it just feels forced and not really from the heart. Sometimes it's got a groove and feel you just know the artist wrote and played from the soul. I get that feeling from Stop Drop who's version of pop mixed with splashes of reggae.

The bands latest release is called "Is Distracted". And the band actually IS distracted by the different styles they mix into their music. In one corner you have the Elvis Costello "Watching The Detectives" fusion on songs like "Say Hello" and "Caffeine Culture" with it's funky organ and chugging guitars. I can tell they believe in what they play. And they want YOU to believe in their sound too. And, as odd as it may be at times...I DO believe in them.

They band, Tyrus A. (acoustic guitar/vocals), Brooke Nelson (bass), Connor Brummond (organ/trombone/vocals) and Brody Andersen (drums/guitar), who hail from Minneapolis, MN not only play reggae fusion. They also mastered the art of the sunny pop song on stand out track "Tour Song". It'll throw you for a curve, that's for sure. But it's such a great song that, honestly, I wanna hear more of on the next record.

You can download "Is Distracted" for free on the bands Facebook page. So why not give it a try and see if you can channel your inner Rastafarian. Like I said before, reggae is usually a hit or miss with me. But I like this band and this album. I'm excited to see what the future holds for Stop Drop.

4 / 5 stars


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