Monday, January 30, 2012

Music Reviews: P.T.'s Revenge - "Never Let Her Go"

After a decade of being off the scene and doing other projects Detroit's P.T.'s Revenge are back with "Never Let Her Go" (Whoa! Records). Even though last year saw the release of "Save The Drama" this is actually the first release of ALL NEW material by this amazing band. This 4 song EP is a sure fire sign of things to come.

The album kicks off with "Rockstar" a song about having to go out on the road and leaving behind your day to day life, friends and loved ones. Anyone who's been fortunate enough to get out there and tour will be able to identify with this song and it's honest lyrics. It's a strong song and a great way to kick off what's soon to be a classic record.

"JNJ" is an ode to a friend who's got talent and drive who "deserves everything that he gets when he dreams" even if his confidence isn't necessarily all there. I don't know who this person in question is, and the band won't come right out and give a name, but let's just say this person must be one hell of a guy to have such a great song dedicated to him and his fight to be the best he can be. A real barn burner, folks!

The band is still pretty much in tact after years away. Singer Kevin Sierzega is hitting each note perfectly and is truly a force to be reckoned with. He's a great singer with a passion for his craft. Mathew Edwards and Chris Doerr have a twin guitar sound that brings so much to the table without trying to outdo each other. And the rhythm section of bassist Jeff Sierzega and drummer John Kay are so tight and precise and hold the music together with professionalism and accuracy.

The album closes with a great song called "Coo Later Bye". This is a song about what the bands lived through the first time around, the break up, the reforming and the good times that still lay ahead! This is definitely the "heart on sleeve" track of the year. It's a tribute to the common bond these guys have and they're mutual love of the music they play and the fans they play for. When Kevin sings "We'll say goodbye, but not tonight!" all I can think of is how great it is to have them back. And I HOPE they don't say goodbye anytime soon. I'm sure I speak for all the fans when I say "welcome back gentlemen!"

4 ½ / 5 stars

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