Monday, September 5, 2011

Concert Review: Red Novella September 3, 2011 House Of Blues, Chicago, IL

Have you ever been to a show where you just KNEW that you were at the right place at the right time? You could just feel it? Where you saw a band for the first time and it was almost a life changing experience? Where you can actual say you have been reintroduced to how great rock n roll could really be if done properly? Well that is what happened to me Saturday night September 3, 2011! The place, Chicago's House Of Blues. The band, Red Novella!

This was the first show Red Novella, a new band right out of Chicago, ever played at the HOB. It was a big deal for them. And with something this big for a new band you would think that maybe nerves would set in and the band would play, at best, sub par. Not the case at all. This is a band that has not only talent, but a stage presence that demands attention. And guess what! They GOT the attention from everyone in the crowd. The band, frontman Jameel Lawson, drummer Jeremy Feinberg, bass player Mike Perez and guitar duo Emo Manuel and Jay Lovell, hit the stage running and took control of the crowd like true seasoned professionals...and they were just the opening band!

The band tore through cuts from their debut EP like "Amazing" as well as new songs like "Exodus" and "Paradise". And the crowd ate it up and wanted more. The band is extremely tight with mad hooks and amazing vocals from Lawson. I thought this guy was kicking my ass all over on their EP....then I saw him perform live! This guy is a superstar! He's a true performer in every sense of the word. And for me not being a big metal fan to say this, it's gotta be something special.

Guitarists Manuel and Lovell feed off each other so well. Their both relentless in their riffs and their power onstage. There is nothing sloppy about their playing. It's got, not only the crunch you want, but also the melody factor as well. Both have true talent beyond their years. Feinberg and and Perez are also fantastic in their own right holding down the bottom end. Feinberg is a fucking monster behind the drums. His double kick drum will kick in your skull. This kid's GOOD! And Perez, between his bass playing skills and his back up harmony vocals, really pull the band together. He truly brings out the best in Lawson's vocals when they sing together.

Red Novella is a band on the up and up! I can honestly say I want to see then headline the HOB in the near future. They have the chops and the presence to make it happen sooner than later. Keep your eyes and ears open for Red Novella. I got a feeling they will become a very big deal real soon. Check em out live, pick up the EP and see what all the hypes about. Trust won't be sorry you did!

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  1. GREAT review!! I drove down from Madison, WI to catch their first HOB performance! I've actually been to all of their shows to date and keep looking forward to the next one...I can never get enough Red Novella!


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