Monday, November 14, 2011

Concert Review: My Big Beautiful at Game Pazzo, Downers Grove11/11/11

                                                           Photos by Arielle Cunnea and Bill Thomas
I can't help but feel bad when I hear a great album by a great band only to find out the albums been out and under my nose for a few years without knowing it and the bands been around longer than my kids have. Such is the case with My Big Beautiful, a great band out of Joliet who played at Game Pazzo on Friday night (Nov 11) in Downers Grove.

This was my first MBB show and I wasn't sure what to expect. Their second album, The Way Things Are: The Soundtrack To My Life Vol. 1, is just a monster of an album that I never had the chance to hear until recently. So, I was happy to see the band playing a show close to my house. And I wasn't disappointed at what I saw.

The band, Stev Walker (bass/vocals), Steev Custer (guitar/backing vocals) and Dan Bolton (drums/backing vocals), sounded great despite some monitor issues during their first song "The Triumphant Return Of The Kid With The Mispelled Name" but they quickly bounced back with solid versions of "Running On Empty" and "People, Places And Things".

Elsewhere in the set the band whipped out a couple obscure covers just to mix things up a little bit. A kick ass version of the Prince classic "I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man" had folks singing and dancing along while Tom Petty's "American Girl" had the kids in the crowd getting into it as well.

Even though they were playing to a house mostly full of teens and pre-teens, they kept it cool and honest and seemed to be having fun the entire time. While Steev Custer cracked jokes, Stev Walker talked about being a huge Bad Religion fan and plugged the bands upcoming gig on Nov. 23 opening for Chicago hero's Naked Raygun. I had a great time watching some good guy's play some great songs. I'm looking forward to the band open for Raygun, and seeing them headline at some point. These guy's have the talent and the energy to bring the house down, so you should check them out next time they play your area.

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