Thursday, November 10, 2011

Music News: Dan Vapid & The Cheats, Bollweevils, Mixtapes and The Enders

Man, it's a big week for music news. So, I'll just get to it....Dan Vapid & The Cheats just finished recording their debut album in Milwaukee with producer Justin Perkins. The band flew through the recording sessions in no time. The album is in final mixes now. I spoke with guitarist Mike Byrne yesterday and he said "Dan really wrote some great stuff for this album. Some songs sound like the Riverdales and others sound like 1960's ballads and others sound like straight up new wave. It's definitely some of Dan's most original stuff he has ever written." No word on a release date yet. But if we're lucky maybe we'll see a release by years end, or in early 2012. But in the meantime you can see The Cheats open for Naked Raygun Nov. 23rd at Metro in Chicago along with The Falcon and My Big Beautiful.

 The Bollweevils debuted a new song yesterday on their Facebook page called "Honesty Isn't So Simple". The band was quoted as saying "new song that will never see the light of day." Let's hope they're kidding. It's a GREAT song, and their first new song since Heavyweights that was released back in 1995.

Ryan Rockwell of Mixtapes has set up a song workshop on the bands Facebook page where he will write you a song for a small donation that will go towards the medical bills of a family member. Give him a topic be it funny, sad, sick, name it, and he'll write it for you. He's a great songwriter and the money goes to a great cause.

 The Enders are planning on going into the studio in the new year and are asking for your help covering the studio costs. The band is taking donations to cover the $1500 studio bill to fund their debut full length album. So far the band has raised $230 so far. But with only 48 more days to go, they need our help, and fast. With your donation, depending on amount, you'll receive free swag for showing your support. You get get all the info HERE.

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