Friday, November 4, 2011

"My Personal Top 10" - William Weber of The Chrome Cranks

Today's featured artist is a man who's played with some legendary bands over the years. From The Chrome Cranks, to G.G. Allin & The Murder Junkies, to The Candy Snatchers. He's also the owner of Krakdhaus Studios. With HIS "Personal Top 10" the one and only William Weber!

Top ten lists are always the same. They reflect the flavor of the day... so, since I have no taste, here is mine:

10. Traveling - I could go on about how I like to see different cultures and their significance, and how the arts are respected in other countries. Hearing about the history and hardships suffered to bring each country to where it is now. I could go on about all this and more... but the truth is… I  just like getting off the couch.

9. The Rolling Stones "Memory Motel" - I would feel ignorant having a top ten that did not include the Stones. I picked a song and not an album simply because this particular Stones song sums up their whole career for me. The imagery Jagger spits forth in his mock country voice. Richard's crisp guitar pull-offs and that damn Leslie... churning that Fender Rhodes around like a taffy pulling machine... well, this song still brings a tear to my ear, er… eye.

8. Ampeg Dan Armstrong - this guitar came into my life just as love was leaving. The acrylic see-thru finish shows I have nothing too hide. This axe has been there, done that and seen it all... from a crotch level view.

7. Robert Quine - call it a man crush if you will... but I think this guy has influenced me the most in the last 20 years or so. It's not what he plays... it's how he plays it. His work with the Voidoids and Lou Reed circa 1982 just rips with "'tude".

6. Playing Live - nothing scares me more nowadays than playing in front of an audience. I developed a bad case stage fright @ '01.
But, there are those times when the anxiety gets put on hold and everything starts running like a well oiled machine. Those are the moments I live for. It's that rush that goes above any and all  psychosis and lets me do what I do. And that is to deliver a guitar that will melt your friggin' face off.

5. '95 BMW M3 - I am not a car guy. I cannot sit down and talk about engines, struts, timing belts or any such things... but I do love my car. Yeah I know... very materialistic, right. I bought this thing 4 years ago and have put 3x's the amount I paid for it in repairs. And that's not including it got totaled once. But as their commercials say, it is a driving experience. 

4. Improvisation - I know this should be added onto #6 but... there are some improv's that aren't preformed live. Just being in tune with what other musicians are doing... having everyone bring something to the table... it's just incredible.  It's that melding of minds to focus and deliver music to each participant and that participants interpretation … I find amazing. When done right.. it's one of those "transcending time" moments.

3. Coffee and Marlboro Ultra-Lights - yeah, I know... they're not an influence. But these things do help me do what I do. And yes, there are other stimulants around... some that are not so habit forming, but I do best on these, thank you very much....

2. Alcohol- some of you are probably asking why I didn't list this as #1. Drinking has coursed its way though my body since I was 13. It has brought me love, adoration, opportunity, wisdom and social stability. It has also wrecked my health, finances, mental attributes, love life and social standing. I just wish I could see the bad in it, but I can't.

1. Love - I know... color me sappy, but come on now. Ain't this the reason we are all here? Nothing else on this list would be here if it wasn't for love. Be it passion in romance, music, art, drinking or even telling bad jokes... love will influence you and your actions.
Now I'm off to romance a cigarette and some Starbucks.


  1. You always did know how to turn a phrase Weber, in this instance- 10 of them. If "Memory Motel" still brings a tear to your ear just don't have a tear in your beer... Thanks for the great list. MJ

  2. Yea William Weber is 1000Xs as good as Chicken Shit John

  3. I love reading replys I wrote months ago and laughing that I post that online hahaha


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