Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Music Reviews: UGLYBoNES - "Die Parting" EP

It's always nice to see good hardcore come out of Chicago. It's definitely a dying breed, so it's good to hear a young band kick some ass and take some names. UGLYBoNES is a young hardcore band out of Chicago who remind me of a cross between old Circle Jerks mixed with Life Sentence. It's fast and to the point. Takes no prisoners and just makes you wanna fucking slam and break shit. UGLYBoNES new EP "Die Partying" is a 4 song blast of old school hardcore that will have you thinking it's 1982 all over again. The EP clocks in at around the 6 minute mark which is a sign of something great to come! Can you imaging Black Flags "Nervous Breakdown" EP being over 6 minutes and still influencing a generation of bands? Me either! That's why I think this band can bring back hardcore to, not only Chicago, but to this country as a whole. And why not! This countries in the toilet financially between crooked politicians and money grubbing companies. What we need to express our dissatisfaction with the government is some good old school shit kicking music. And UGLYBoNES bring it in full force! Songs like "Boozehound" and "Backseat Love Making" and just in your face tunes made for moshing and stage diving. If you're into loud, fast, aggressive music give these guy's a shot. If you don't think it's the best thing to happen to hardcore since Life Sentences debut, then I don't know what to tell you. This is a great band with a lot to say. I'm listening....are you? You can hear the first 2 tracks on the bands on the bands Bandcamp page. Check it out and buy the EP for the last 2 tracks. Show some support and lets bring back the hardcore revolution.

Track listing:

1 - Backseat Love Making
2 - Morgan
3 - Boozehound
4 - I Don't Want You

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