Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Music Reviews: The Ridgelands - "Corey Webster Must Die"

Punk music over the last 20 years has gone through some serious phases. You had the old school DIY way of recording and marketing your music which, at best, was a little rough around the edges. But still maintained artistic freedom and credibility. Then you had the major label released albums that were overly produced by some big wig and marketed at the kids who listen to top 40. Even the jocks found it hard to not listen to Green Day records. So it's always nice to find a hidden gem of a record. An album that's got heart and attitude. But isn't produced to be crisp and clean in its sound and style. An album with anthems for the blue collar Americans that still has that crusty dirty feel to it. And THAT is what you get with the debut album by The Ridgelands entitled "Corey Webster Must Die".

The album kicks off with the skateboard anthem "Useless Wooden Toys". You know these guys are serious skate punks with lyrics like "Thrasher is the bible, the street are our church." The band, Tall Doug (guitar/vocals), Mike Schultz (bass/vocals) and Chris Shinstine (drums/vocals), play the sort of street smart punk rock that made bands like the early Ramones a force to be reckoned with. I'm not saying The Ridgelands SOUND like the Ramones. They just have that tough street attitude in the songs they write, like the Ramones before them.

"Doing Time" is a real sing along rocker that just makes you wanna shred or at least jump around and act a fool for a little while. And what's wrong with that? We all need an outlet for our pent up anger and aggression. And this album is perfect for doing just that. The Ridgelands sing "Take The World By Storm" with lyrics about doing it your way, make it or not, and never look back! We all have dreams. Most of the time our dreams don't come true. And that's okay as long as you gave it your best shot. You're sure as hell not gonna make it sitting on your couch watching Family Guy.

The Ridgelands are here, fighting for what they believe in. They're young, snotty and ready to take on the world. And with that kinda attitude they'll either do it, or die trying. But truth be told, I think they'll have fun doing or lose. You can hear tunes from CWMD and some acoustic jams at the bands YouTube channel.

4 / 5 stars


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