Friday, November 18, 2011

"My Personal Top 10" - Mark Gustafson from About The Mess

Next up with his "Personal Top 10" favorite foods is Mark Gustafson from About The Mess. Mark sure loves his food, as you can tell. After reading his Top 10, and raiding the fridge afterwards, be sure to check out his band either on Facebook or the bands website. And be sure to check out ATM's new EP "Anthem Of Imperfection" out now on Whoa! Records.


10. Bacon, Eggs, and Hash Browns

This is my typical weekend breakfast. Or I should say brunch as it's usually eaten between 11am and 2pm. Great hearty meal to get you ready for all that relaxin you have planned. Throw some shredded cheese, parmesan, onions and peppers and garlic pepper in your eggs before scramblin that shit up. Fry your bacon in a pan on the stove. Lord help you if you put bacon in the microwave. In fact I'll personally slap your mama if you do that.

9. Belgian Waffles

Simple, easy, and delicious. If you point me to a person who says they don't like Belgian waffles, I will kindly point that person's face to my fist. Serve this with some type of fried pig product, I don't care which one. Fried pigs feet? Fuck it, do it up.

8. Cheeseburgers

Garlic. Put garlic in your patties and some BBQ sauce. Grill those bitches slow and low. Many people forget to let the patties get to room temperature prior to cooking. This is essential.

7. Baked Chicken with Stove Top Stuffing

Comfort food. Cut chicken into maybe 1" cubes and fry them up on the stove. Make your $1 box of stove top next to it. Chop up some broccoli and cook it too. Throw it all in a bowl and toss some shredded cheese on there and mix it up. Eat it, then take a nap.

6. Meatloaf

It's getting cold in Chicago, you need meatloaf in your life. Bonus points if you listen to Meatloaf while preparing your meatloaf. But do not listen to Meatloaf while eating your meatloaf. Meatloaf is awful and you don't want to throw up your delicious meatloaf because you were listening to Meatloaf.

5. Baked Tilapia

Put your fish in the oven. Is there a joke in there somewhere? I don't know. The good thing about fish is that you can eat a ton of it and you won't get all sleepy afterwards. Is there a joke in there?

4. Parmesan Chicken

Not chicken parmesan like from Olive Garden, with red sauce and cheese. Dunk your chicken boobies in eggs, and roll them around in a bag with parmesan cheese and panko bread crumbs and whatever spices sound good to you. Get those things baked as hell, like Dave Chapelle in the 90's.

3. Steak On The Grill


2. Pork Tenderloin

Slow cooked in the crock pot with soy sauce, onion soup mix, and some red wine. It will start to smell real good after about an hour, and fantastically good at the four hour mark. Do not attempt to have sex with this meal while it is still in said crock pot as you might burn yourself; Wait until it has cooled off a bit. Surprisingly, this last instruction is hardly ever listed in cookbooks.

1. Lasagna

Follow this recipe and thank me later. This lasagna is a fucking phenomenon. She calls for two minced garlic cloves. I prefer to use approximately one fuckton, which is a very scientific unit of measurement that you can Google at your leisure.

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